Dog Walks
Dog Walks
  • Garden / training dog walks (not competition size) - choice of 3 sizes
  • Strong enough for all size dogs
  • Each ramp has a width of 12" (30.5cm)
  • Each ramp fits together snugly with no gap for paws and claws to get caught in.
  • Rubber chip finish
  • The brackets are the same as standard (competition) dog walk brackets.
  • Trestles are included.
  • We use best quality timber. All joints are sealed.
  • You have a choice of colours for your main ramps and contacts.
not rated £320.00£420.00 Select options
Dog Walk Trestles
Dog Walk Trestles
  • Garden / training dog walk trestles (not competition size)
  • Two sizes available
  • Suitable for a full size dog walk to reduce the height for training purposes.
  • They are strong, sturdy and suitable for all size dogs.
  • We use best quality timber. The trestles are finished in black.
not rated £90.00£120.00 Select options